I became involved in dog rescuing after adopting my first dog Tela.  She has always had a special place in my heart and to see how much she was loved by all of her rescuers inspired me to start volunteering.  After we adopted a second dog, Jeremy and I knew we wanted to try fostering.  It was our way of paying it forward and as a thank you to their foster parents who selflessly gave them up.  We have grown to love fostering, as it is a truly rewarding experience to see a dog that was once homeless or afraid become a beloved member of a family.
~ Laura

“I adopted two rescue dogs.  Through the rescue I learned about the lives they live in shelters and all the ones who never make it out.  I knew I had to help somehow.  Fostering for me was the best way to help.  I always wanted a house full of dogs, so why not foster!  The rescues supply everything you need for the dogs, you just supply the love.  What could be easier?”
~ Cindy ~ Foster to 7
“One more day before we get our foster.  And we are not getting Ellie Mae.  I’ve had several people ask me how I can take foster dogs with Colin in the house and this is why…Sue Parse and Anne Knowles Briscoe know my family.  They met Ellie Mae and as much as they wanted to take her, they knew she was not the right fit for us, for Colin and for my dogs.  So tomorrow we will get a foster that will fit better with our family, that came from a home where the mom did not want her and we will find a family that will want her!  If you are interested in adopting a dog A Tail of 4 Paws Animal Rescue is the place”
~ Jen ~ Foster to 2

“Great people doing what they do best…help animals.  Love them! Sue is amazing and Anne has worked wonders with my gang!”
~ Alissa

“Love the folks that go above and beyond for the animals in need.”
~ Melissa

“Great people!!  Great job!!  Would highly recommend adopting or fostering with them!!  Sue rocks!  And cares so much for these babies!!”
~ Patti

“I foster because I want to save the pups.  It’s that simple.  I love the opportunity to work with/meet new people with a common interest.  I also feel like it teaches me patience and understanding because you don’t always know what they have been through.  I think it helped me with dealing with humans too. Chris just straight up loves dogs, cuddling and making them love him.  Plus he’s supportive of my interests and in being supportive he came to love doing it also.”
~ Melissa ~ Foster to 30

“I foster for the pups.  It’s an opportunity to give them a better life than what they have had so far.  It’s a very rewarding process but also very emotional.  To see the growth of the pup from when they come into your home to when they leave makes the goodbyes easier.  They all are on a journey to find their furever home and I’m proud to be a part of their story “
~ Hilary – Foster to 3